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Snappy Bird is freeware which has developed for iOS devices as well as Android devices.This game has many features
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9 May 2014

Editor's review

In the world of mobile gaming the Flappy Bird game had an iconic status. Though it involved the simple task of guiding a bird across obstacles, its addictive nature and high challenge quotient made it an instant favorite. Then one bright morning the developer pulled the plug on the game and the famous game was no more on the Google App store. Given the scenario a number of games have tried to fill the vacuum left behind and it seems the Snappy Bird 3.0.1 has succeeded. While it has the same DNA, it is miles ahead of its inspiration and boasts of more features. For starters it has a much better impact tracking and scoring mechanism and controls seem to meet the ideal response parameters. Further it also has a better graphic illustration and whole theme design is quite appealing.

You can either download the Windows version of the game and try it on your PC or run it directly on your Smartphone by visiting the Google App store. On the technical front, navigating the Snappy Bird is quite easy and the game plays well on nearly every handset with ease. Moreover the Windows iteration is rather light and you can download the demo version in less than a minute on a broadband connection. Incidentally the game is available for iOS users too and as long as you are using version 6.0 or higher. Interestingly we found the iPhone version more comforting to play and even the graphics seemed to come out better.

For bringing back the cherished memories of the iconic Flappy bird game with more bells and whistles, the Snappy Bird 3.0.1 earns a stellar score of four rating stars. It is nearly as challenging as its inspiration and can keep you engaged for hours on the trot.

Publisher's description

Flappy Bird addict game has pass away from their loving users. But Snappy Bird regain with nice features. You Download Snappy Bird for your iPhone,iPad and Android running smart phones.Snappy Bird is free application which has many amazing features compare with Flappy Bird. Flappy Bird has gone from Google Play and Apple App Store. So Snappy Bird comeback to users hand as real alternative game for Flappy Bird. This windows demo version support most of the Windows versions. Desktop users can feel some features in this game.
Snappy Bird smart phone versions can be download using Google Play for Android users and Ios users with App Store. This game compatible with all Android versions as well as Ios 6 or higher versions.
Our Snappy Bird desktop application compatible with the most of the Windows operating Systems. If your Snappy Bird lover this may be really nice application for you.
Snappy Bird
Snappy Bird
Version 3.0.1
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